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Inflaming retarding and oil proofing fabric
Detailed Product Description

Material quality: 100% cotton
Yarn category: combing
Model: intellectual circle and active dyeing
Style: twill
Width: 150cm
Gram weight: 150—500g
Shrinkage rate: <3%
Color fastness: 4-5 grade
Wear resistance: 4-5 grade
Authentication: EN11611, EN11612 EN14116, ASTMD6413, NFPA2112, NFPA70E, ASTMF1959
Colors: khaki, dark blue, black, bright blue, bright red, orange red, dark green, grey
Function: inflaming retarding, water proofing
Uses: industry, shirt, work suit, uniform

Technical index:
Fine wear resistance;
Fine inflaming retarding;
Formaldehyde content≤300ppm;
Meeting environmental friendly requirement;
Water proofing performance: pre-washing: 5 grade; after-washing≥1grade;
Excellent oil proofing, water proofing and washing resistant property

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