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All cotton oil proofing and water proofing fabric
Detailed Product Description

Component: 100% all cotton
Width: 150CM
Function: water proofing and oil proofing
Standards: GB12799 standard and ISO 14419, AATCC118, AATCC22, AATCC130
Colors: khaki, dark blue, black, bright blue, bright red, orange red, dark green, grey

No objectional odor
No stimulation on skin
Excellent water vapor permeability
Oil proofing performance: pre-washing≥130min; after-washing≥80min
Water proofing performance: pre-washing: 5grade; after-washing≥1 grade
Meeting standards of GB12799, ISO14419, AATCC118, AATCC22, AATCC130

Application field:
Mainly used in labor protective clothing in oil field, machinery processing, road building, chemical, oil station, mineral, kitchen fields.

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