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Acrylic staple fibre inflaming retarding fabric
Detailed Product Description

Acrylic staple fiber inflaming retarding fabric is a kind of modified acrylic fiberwith excellent inflaming retarding performance.
It is suitable for manufacturing of industrial and fire protection suit. And it has passed examination of petrochemical engineering, electronic and coal gas industry. Its performance has reached EN11612, EN11611, EN533, NFPA2112, ASTM standards.

Features of acrylic stable fiber:
Excellent inflaming retarding performance
Prevention of metal filling splash
Prevention of welding spark
Excellent comfort and washing resistance
Excellent mechanical and wear resistance
Widely: 57 “/58”
Inflaming retarding time: ≤2S
After flame time: ≤2S
Carbon length: ≤100MM
Water fastness times: >50 time
Inflaming retarding standard: B1 grade
formaldehyde content: ≤300ppm
Scope of application: work suit, uniform, inflaming retarding suit, fire protection suit, welding worker suit
Main products: inflaming retarding single-yarn drill, inflaming retarding canvas, inflaming retarding plain cloth, inflaming retarding tribute silk, fluorescence inflaming retarding fabric, anti-static fabric

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